E-juice: Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

Liquid nicotine e-juice Flavor Vapor North

There have been a few reports recently of children getting ahold of their parent's e-juice and drinking it. It is important to remember that most e-juice contains nicotine and that it can be harmful when it is swallowed. Keep your e-juice out of reach of children; just like you would cigarettes/nicotine gum/nicotine patches/alcohol/etc.


New coil design for drippers "The Element" coil

New AGR+ Pyrex Cartomizer Tanks Now In Stock

AGR+ Pyrex Glass Cartomizer Tank

We now have the new pyrex AGR+ tanks in stock. Every AGR+ comes with both the 45mm sleeve & the shorter 35mm sleeve. These are arguably the best cartomizers in production right now. The tank uses a non-flanged pre-punched Cartomizer and is held together by a locking type base. The fill hole is located at the top of the tank.

Online Orders Back Up and Running

Online orders are now back up and running. Enjoy free domestic shipping for the rest of the month!

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